There's no "tomorrow" in the election business

Election day comes. Election day goes. No matter your county, your candidates…or the condition of your ballots. All ballots must be delivered on time to the right voter with the correct choices. No exceptions.

To ensure timely and accurate ballot printing and mailing, we've developed a comprehensive system that allows us to handle complex projects with complete precision. And our abilities are tested and proven. For a typical county election, we'll produce over 300,000 ballots divided into 700 different ballot types!

After the initiatives are finalized, the candidates have campaigned, and the pundits have debated, the two most critical factors in elections are accuracy and timeliness. Both are extremely and equally important. You must get the right ballots to the right voter at the right time. But you already know that. That's why you're here.

K&H Election Services: You can count on us.

K&H, the election experts!


Security and Recovery

Voting is an American institution. We recognize and value the importance of our democratic system. And that's why we are adamant about security during every step of the ballot printing and mailing process.....Click Here