People and philosophy drive K&H Election Services vote-by-mail ballot printing

Building upon K&H's expertise in municipal elections, Integrity Voting Systems was formed in 2001 to provide election services to private sector elections such as labor unions, credit unions, awards programs and other formally organized voter constituencies.

Get to know K&H Election Services. K&H is driven by a commitment to integrity, vision, perseverance, perfect and timely. That commitment makes K&H Election Services possibly the most customer-focused and production-ready ballot printing and mailing vendor in the western United States. K&H Election Services is a division of K&H Integrated Print Solutions. We've been in business since 1908. Over a century later, our company remains financially sound and stable, and steadily growing. Our election services began in 1932, printing ballots for a local county. Later we recognized a trend toward vote-by-mail and developed the technology and trained the people to support the printing and mailing services for this highly technical process. Since that time, we've built a roster of over 40 counties throughout the western United States that rely on K&H Election Services for their ballot printing and mailing. These counties don't choose us only for our capabilities and capacity, however. They choose us for our expertise and innovation in the ballot business. Our people are dedicated to specializing in serving the needs of counties offering vote-by-mail balloting. While your team has served through many election cycles, our team has served through many hundreds of election cycles.

Management Team

Jay-bio Jay C. Ackley, Chief Executive Officer
Jay is a seasoned Profit & Loss manager with 30 years of experience in corporate development, managing companies with annual revenues exceeding $100 million. Jay holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Washington and has been employed with K&H since 1994.

Darren Darren L. Loken, President
Darren has a proven record of profitability and growth achieved by aggressively and more efficiently managing companies as well as restructuring under-performing business units in the printing industry. He has served successfully as General Manager, Chief Operating Officer and President / CEO in both small companies and in divisions of larger corporations.  As a results oriented leader, he has demonstrated abilities in planning, business development, team building and producing bottom line results.  His style is founded on hard work, integrity and a commitment to do "the right thing." K&H welcomed Darren in 2014 to help with growth and product line and vertical market diversification.

davebio Dave Haines, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer
Dave has a keen understanding of the technological changes that are shaping the industry and the evolution necessary for K&H Clients to take advantage of those changes. He began his tenure with K&H in sales and progressed into management before strengthening his expertise in data management, systems networking and technology development. Dave is a 1978 graduate of Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Arts and has been employed with K&H since 1979.

rob-bio Rob Haines, Senior Vice President & Facilities Manager
Rob has overall responsibility for the facility and staff resources utilized to execute our stringent procedures and protocols. His expert mechanical and systems knowledge is utilized to assure staff readiness and reliability of production processes. Rob has been instrumental in developing many of our quality assurance systems and processes since his employment with K&H in 1968.


Brad Brad Moorhouse, Operations Manager
Brad started his career in the printing and mailing industry as a presort services / operations manager in 1995. His tenure with K&H began in sales and progressed into mailroom manager before strengthening his leadership position as Production Manager. Brad is responsible for managing communications between Commercial and Election Project Managers, scheduling, staff planning and managing daily production. Some of his achievements include; Pitney Bowes Mail Center Management Training, BÖWE BELL + HOWELL Certification NetSort Training, Mail Piece Design Professional (MDP) Certification, Executive Mail Center Manager (EMCM) Certification and has as served a Board Member for Seattle Direct Marketing Association. Brad has been employed with K&H since 2000.

Linda Linda Wilson, Accounting Manager
Linda is responsible for managing administration, including overseeing all accounting functions and human resources management. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Central Washington University.  Linda has been employed with K&H since 1998.


K&H Election Services, Election Coordinators

debbie-bio Debbie Shield, Manager, Election Coordination Services
Debbie joined K&H in 2009 as an Election Coordinator and has managed over 80 public elections for twelve K&H counties. In 2014, Debbie assumed the role of Manager of Election Coordination Services for K&H public sector clients. She oversees the election coordinator staff administering perfect and timely election services to more than 45 counties and cities. Debbie is passionate about delivering election and customer services at the highest level. Past experience is rooted in the printing industry; beginning as a bookkeeper, helping launch a family owned print company, and finally managing a trade bindery. Debbie has an Associate Arts degree in Accounting.

melissa-bio Melissa Alexander, Election Coordinator
Melissa has 18 years of experience in the commercial printing industry, which includes customer service, bindery, administration and purchasing. Melissa joined K&H in 2007 as a Commercial Project Manager, before transitioning into Election Project Management in 2009, and then finally transferred to the Election Coordination Department in 2010. Melissa has managed over 100 public elections for twelve K&H counties.

Krista Krista Anderson, Election Coordinator
Krista has over 12 years of experience working in the Elections Industry in customer service, project planning, and management. Krista has worked with Counties throughout the country and also has an extensive background and knowledge of ballot programming systems and tabulation systems, as well as assisting customers with Election Day support. Prior to Elections, Krista’s background was in the newspaper printing industry as an account coordinator and working in the Accounting Department. Krista joined K&H in 2015 and has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Utah.

Erika Erika Bean, Election Coordinator
Erika joined K&H in 2007. Initially, Erika worked in the mailing department and ultimately managed the department of more than 100 employees in our high volume election cycles. She earned certifications in EMCM (Executive Mail Center Management) and MDP (Mail Design Professional). Erika transferred to the Election Coordination Team in 2014. Her production experience and mail expertise bring valuable insight to the team.

Carol_Jones Carol Jones, Election Coordinator
Carol spent 11 years as a business owner and accounting manager, and 7 years in the accounting department of a printing company before joining K&H in 2007. Carol has been instrumental to the development of our Election Coordinator Department’s standard operating procedures and training outline. Her experience to date includes coordinating nearly 100 elections for over 15 counties in Washington, California and Utah. Carol graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a concentration in finance.

shriely-bio Shirley Reeder, Election Coordinator
Shirley has over 30 years of experience in customer service, account management and bookkeeping. Shirley joined K&H in 2008 as an Election Coordinator and has managed over 125 public elections for various Washington, California, Utah, and Idaho counties. She has also managed the production and mailing of Sample Ballot Books for several California counties. Shirley has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Manitoba, plus a certificate in Business Administration.



To get to know the team better, contact us at. 1.800.451.5740