K&H Election Services - Ballot printing and mailing services questions answered


K&H Election Services FAQs

mark_2250Q: How are you going to handle our ballots in September when you're producing ballots for every single county customer?
A: Good question! The answer is we have excess capacity. We maintain manufacturing capacity at 150%  of our customer's needs. If we need to produce 1 million ballots, we build our capacity at 1.5 million. During the General Election for November, 2014, we printed over 20 million ballots and mailed nearly 6 million ballots, all on time, all in a matter of weeks.

Q: What do you do when something goes wrong?
A: It happens! And boy, do we have stories of last minute saves! Stories that demonstrate our capacity and ability to recover. For one customer recently, we had all the ballots printed, stuffed into envelopes and ready to mail. This was at 3:00 in the afternoon on a Wednesday. The ballots were to drop the next morning. But the county realized they had put the wrong initiative language on the ballot. Every ballot was wrong. Every ballot had to be reprinted and re-stuffed for mailing. We redid the entire job and got the ballots in the mail by Saturday.

Q: Do you only print for vote-by-mail counties?
A: Our specialty is vote-by-mail, but we also print for counties still using polling sites. Vote-by-mail is the future, however. It's taking over the west coast and slowly moving to the east. If your absentee or excused-based voting base is growing, it might be time to look for a printer like K&H, one that specializes in vote-by-mail.

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