Ballot printing and mailing services provided by K&H Election Services


K&H Election Services is a subsidiary of K&H Integrated Print Solutions, offering high volume and highly technical printing  and mailing services. For printing and mailing beyond the ballot, call on K&H Printers.

Ballot printing and mailing services


At K&H Election Services, we provide the ballot printing and mailing services you expect, but more important, we provide them all in-house. We own the data processing, printing, manufacturing and mailing processes. We do not outsource.

Below you'll find listed a few of the ballot printing and mailing services we provide.


  • Development of election schedules and assignment of task responsibilities to create your Election Planning Book
  • Review of ballots to mechanical specifications
  • Preflight of voter data
  • Insertion of ballots and secrecy envelopes into outgoing envelopes, sorted to maximize nonprofit standard rate discounts and enter into the agreed upon postal site
  • Chain of custody audit trail 

We print optical scanning ballots for the following systems:

  • Sequoia Optech
  • ES&S 100/550/650
  • Premier Accuvote
  • Hart Intercivic
  • and other ballot manufacturers

If you have a specific ballot printing service you need but don't see listed, we most likely offer it! Just ask our ballot printing specialists.