In the general election of November 2014, we printed and mailed over 20 million ballots for over 32 counties.

Put K&H Election Services to work for your county.

Our capability and capacity make us the obvious choice

chris_2008We are specialists in vote-by-mail: Not every ballot printer can service vote-by-mail counties. And even if your county isn't all vote-by-mail yet, that's the trend, making K&H a good company to know. Now.

We print everything digitally: Compared to traditional offset printing, digital printing allows us to print exactly what you need, and only charge you for that.

Each county is assigned a dedicated Election Coordinator: Each K&H Election Coordinator works with a handful of counties. Their only job during an election is servicing those counties, and only those counties.

Our system is proven and proprietary: Imagine printing and coordinating 36,000 different ballot types for a single election. We don't have to imagine it. We did it, for a county in California. The processes that we've put together with our automation, barcode technology and database processing enable this kind of complexity without sacrificing accuracy. When we put a ballot in an envelope and address it to someone, it's exactly the right ballot for that person.

We keep it in our house and under our control: We do all production and servicing ourselves, relying solely on our own expertise, equipment, facilities and labor. We own the data processing, printing, manufacturing and mailing processes. We do not outsource.

Expertise: We have been involved in ballot printing since 1932. The combined tenure of our supervisory staff directly participating in election projects exceeds 160 years.

We have awesome firepower: With our cavernous facility, top-of-the-line equipment, and experienced staff, we can print, assemble and mail over 750,000 ballots per day.

People power: We employ over 100 FTE's on an average daily basis, with diverse expertise in data processing, electronic prepress, offset and digital printing, full-service bindery, and mail assembly and preparation. Our average employment tenure exceeds 10 years. All employees, including senior staff, are available for 24x7 production floor staffing as necessary. For elections, we employ eight full-time, year-round non-production staff dedicated only to election customers. During an election, more than 20 other full-time K&H staff are temporarily re-assigned to production and quality assurance oversight for the purposes of managing perfection.